Vintage Norton ES2 500cc Service Notes


Classic vintage motorcycle tech. A 9 Page, Hi-Res magazine article PDF that breaks down the Norton single for you.

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In production from 1928 to 1963 the ES2 was a staple in the Norton motorcycle range. If you’re planning on restoring one then you’re in luck. This 9 Page, High Resolution PDF covers the motor from 1948 onwards and also covers the Model 18 and 500T which share the same powerplant. You’ll learn how to tear down and rebuild this classic motor with a whole pile of information that will give you the confidence to do it yourself. Packed with spec and diagrams, it’s a great addition to your workshop library. Instantly download it today, you won’t be disappointed. It’s full of that crucial information that is always mysteriously missing from factory manuals for some reason.

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There’s articles on vintage suspension, frames, motors, gearboxes and lots, lots more. Nerd out on classic motorcycle how-to magazine articles today. It’s the next best thing to being in the Norton Vintage Motorcycle Club.